We have a full bar with all the standards plus an excellent range of whiskeys and spirits, over 20 Irish craft beers, over two dozen wonderful gins (including the best of Irish artisan gins) with our unique individually infused ice cubes, some lovely non alcoholic surprises, a stunning old-world focussed wine list with nearly twenty wines by the glass/pichet/half-bottle and many more by the bottle, and some of our own favourite aperitifs from around the world! Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations… we taste them all religiously 🙂


Monk’s Lane Craft Beer Menu

Howling Gale Irish Pale Ale, 8 Degrees Brewing 5%vol Draught (Mitchelstown, Co. Cork)Full flavoured ale with a pleasant grapefruit and citrus aroma. Sugary sweetness balanced by spicy, hoppy crispness. Goes great with food.

Hairy Goat, Mountain Man Brewing 4.5% Draught/500ml Bottle (Macroom) A copper coloured IPA with strong grapefruit, passion fruit and peach aroma coupled with a well balanced hop and malt flavour.

 Green Bullet, Mountain Man Brewing 4% 500ml Bottle (Macroom, Co. Cork) A light golden coloured pale ale with subtle flavours of pine and lemon and a smooth light body. Refreshing and dangerously drinkable!

Kinsale Pale Ale, Blacks Brewery 5% 500ml Bottle (Kinsale, Co Cork) Bursting with hops, honey and pine needle with notes of citrus and tropical fruits

Rocket Ship IPA, Blacks Brewery 6.5% 500ml (Kinsale) Hop, hop and h-away! KPA’s bigger bolder brother

Sneaky Owl, Cumbrian Style IPA, Mountain Man Brewing 4.6% 500ml (Macroom) a Cumbrian style Dark ale full of caramel and dark chocolate with a crisp bitter finish.

Black’s IPA, Blacks Brewery, 5% 500ml (Kinsale) Complex hoppy fruit flavours with roasty bitter coffee and chocolate tones. Dressed in black and ready to rock!

 Grand Stretch IPA, 8 Degrees Brewing4.2%vol 330ml (Mitchelstown) 8 degrees seasonal special brew. Refreshing bitterness with notes of pine resin and caramelised pineapple

Cockagee Pure Irish Keeved Cider 6% 750ml (Slane, Co. Meath) A delicious, fresh naturally sparkling Keeved cider, unique in being the only Irish Cider to be made using the ancient technique of Keeving.
Delicate fresh apple aromas and rich fruit flavours, a complex cider with a soft natural sparkle, bittersweet twist and long dry finish.

Stonewell Medium Dry Irish Craft Cider 5.5% 500ml (Kinsale)Stonewell is made by a small team who wash, mill and press Irish apples and then ferment juice to create the cider near Kinsale.

Ejector Seat Turf Smoked Stout, Clever Man Brewing, 4.5% 500ml (Wexford) Full-bodied deep stout flavour with a coffee aroma and wonderful hint of turf… smokey sweetness!!

Galway Hooker Irish Pale Ale 4.3% 500ml (Galway)Fresh and tangy hops. flavour to savour with a light, citrus aroma and a touch of spice

Bo Bristle Amber Ale 4.5% 500ml (Co. Offaly) Bo Bristle beers are Grade A tonsil tinglers with the added benefit of putting hairs on your chest using 100% natural malt and whole leaf hops.

Brazen Amber Ale, Carrig Brewing, 4.2%500ml (Leitrim) Combines the flavours and aromas of classic earthy hops, the caramel warmth of malt, a fruity sweetness imparted by a fine yeast and caps it off with a soft, palate-cleansing bitterness to finish.

 Carrig Pilsner, Carrig Brewing, 4.4% vol 500ml (Leitrim) Distinctive New Zealand hops contribute delicious notes of tropical and stone fruits to this light refreshing beer.

Hollows and Fentimans Ginger Beer 4% 500ml (UK) All natural alcoholic ginger beer is made from just five ingredients: Ginger root, water, sugar, pear juice and yeast.

Boom Session IPA 5% 500ml (Dublin) A light, easy drinking and refreshing beer with a good malt backbone balanced with tropical fruit aromas from Amarillo and Simcoe Hops.

 The Chimay Red Cap or “Première” 7% 750 ml (Belgium) This world famous Trappist monk’s beer possesses a beautiful smell coppery colour that makes it particularly attractive. Topped with a creamy head, and a slight fruity apricot.Part champagne, part beer!

 Draught Pints €5.00 / Bottles: 500ml €5.25, 750ml €9.75




Dingle Original Gin with heather and lime

Bertha’s Revenge Irish Milk Gin

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin with orange and chilli

Hendricks Gin with cucumber

Bombay Sapphire with lime

Blackwater No.5 Gin with rose petal and orange

Martin Miller’s Gin

Tanqueray No. Ten Gin with grapefruit

Shortcross Gin

Beefeater Dry with orange

Sipsmith London Dry Gin

Cork Dry Gin with lemon

St. Patrick’s Potato and Juniper Gin



Fentimans Herbal Tonic Water

Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water

Schweppes Tonic & Slimline





                                                                                                        Served by 100ml, 175ml, 250ml, 500ml, Bottle

-Domaine de Lacabasse, Colombard, Cotes de Gascogne, France

Fresh, lively, sharp and fruit forward                                                             €3.00,    5.75,       7.50,   15.00,   20.00

-Kalius, Macabeo, Spain

Juicy, zesty and light with a smooth finish                                                      €3.25,     6.00,     8.00,   16.00,     23.50

-Les Granges, Picpoul/ Sauvignon, Languedoc, France

Fresh nose of white flowers & fruits, smooth, lush and lively                  €3.50,      6.50,      8.50,     17.00,   25.00

-Gibault, Sauvignon Blanc, Loire Valley, France

Zingy and aromatic yet lush and smooth                                                      €3.50,      6.50,    8.50,     17.00,   26.00

-Fornas, Pinot Grigio, Italy

Summer fruits, ripe pears and crisp apples                                                €3.50,         6.50,  8.50,     17.00,   26.00

-Domaine Bellevue Chardonnay, Loire Valley, France

Deep fruits, lovely mouth feel, surprising smooth finish                          €3.75,        7.00,   9.00,     18.00,   27.00

-Campo Base, Trebbiano, Soave, Italy

Explosive fruits, intense minerality and fresh juiciness                             €3.75,       7.00,  9.00,     18.00, 28.00

-Stables Sauvignon, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Refreshing, aromatic, tropical                                                                        €4.00,      7.50,     10.00,     20.00,   30.00

-Crego e Monaguillo Godello, Monterrei, Spain

Smooth, round and creamy with citrus                                                      €4.00,        7.50,     10.00,     20.00,   30.00

-Paddy Borthwick Riesling, Wairapa, New Zealand

Aromas of lime, ginger & honey, off dry, long finish                                €4.25,       8.00,     11.00,     22.00,   32.00

White wine of the season:

-Jose Pariente, Verdejo, Rueda, Spain

Bold, aromatic, fresh ripe green fruits                                                     €4.25,     8.00,     11.00,     22.00,         33.00


By the bottle

-Villa Wolf, Pinot Gris, Pfalz, Germany

Refreshing unoaked fruits, delicious spritzy texture                                                                                           €30.00

Brandl, Gruner Veltliner, Kamptal, Austria

Attractive varietal nose with citrus minerality and richness                                                                             €35.00

-Deusa Nai, Alabarino, Rias Baixas, Spain

Fragrant, lively minerals                                                                                                                                            €37.00

-Domaine Masson de Blendelet, Sancerre, Loire Valley, France

Ripe gooseberries, rich and elegant, Luscious honeyed finish                                                                          €44.00

-Domaine Christian Moreau, Chablis, Burgundy, France

Fresh, flinty, crisp apples and lemon with a lovely twist                                                                                    €44.00



                                                                                                      Served by 100ml, 175ml, 250ml, 500ml, Bottle

-1605, Tempranillo, Terra de Castilla, Spain

Full bodied, ripe cherry and plum, spicy aroma                                €3.25,     6.00,     8.00,       16.00,     21.50

Les Granges, Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon, Pays D’oc, France

Round, smooth and easy going                                                                €3.25,     6.00,     8.00,         16.00,   24.00

-Domaine Preignes le Vieux, Syrah, Languedoc, France

Gutsy, herbaceous, ripe, drinkable                                                      €3,50,     6.50,     8.50,         17.00,   26.00

-Ciu Ciu, Organic Montepulciano/Sangiovese, Marche, Italy

Full bodied, black fruits, hints of liquorice                                          €3.75,     7.00,     9.50,         18.00,   28.00

-Little Odisseia, Duoro Valley, Portugal

Rich and spicy, elegant and complex                                                      €3.50,     6.50,     8.50,         17.00,   26.00

-Gougenheim, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

Plump and juicy, slight sweetness, gentle tannins                             €3.75,     7.00,     9.50,         19.00,   28.00

-Il Casolare, Montepulciano, San Lorenzo, Italy

Organic grapes, deep, rich, fruity, mellow dry finish                            €3.75,     7.00,     9.50,         19.00,   28.00

-Vinasperi, Tempranillo, Rioja Crianza, Spain

Round, spicy soft tannins, hint of vanilla                                               €4.00,     7.50,   10.00,       20.00,   30.00

-Coriole, Shiraz/Sangoivese, MacLaren Vale, Australia

Medium bodied, strong nose, cherries and chocolate                          €4.00,     7.50,     10.00,     20.00,   30.00

-Corvo Rosso, Nero d’Avolo, Italy

Balanced, velvety smooth, oak and red berries                                     €4.25,     8.00,     11.00,       22.00,   33.00

Red wine of the season:

-Elias Mora, Semicrianza, Toro, Spain

Rich, ripe, spicy plummy fruit, medium bodied dry finish                €4.25,   8.00,       11.00,     22.00, 33.00


By the bottle

Paper Road, Pinot Noir, Wairarapa, New Zealand

Delicate pale red, luscious strawberry finish                                                                                                   32.00

-Cantina Negrar, Valpolicella Ripasso, Italy

Juicy, rich and soft, cherry aromas, hint of spice                                                                                           38.00

-Cantina Sampietrana, Salice Salentino, Puglia, Italy

Refined, powerful, pungent, joyous                                                                                                                    37.00

-Chateau Tour de Pas, St. Emillion, Bordeaux, France

Berried fruit aromas, ripe and soft, balance and length                                                                             42.00

Les Colombieres, Pomerol, Bordeaux, France

Sophisticated, silky smooth, elegant damson red fruit, ultra fine tannins                                               54.00

-Le Coste di Monforte, Barolo, Italy

Luminous colour, aromas of fruit and violet, mineral notes, elegant tannins                                       69.00




-La Grille Rose D’Anjou, Loire Valley, France

Deliciously fruity off-dry rose with a light natural spritz                  €3.50,     6.50,      8.50,     17.00,   30.00



-Glera Cult, Prosecco Frizzante,Italy

                                                                                                                                        Glass 6.95                  Bottle 28.00

-Dominio de Tharsys, Cava Brut, Macabeo, Spain

Fine bubbles, floral and citrus notes, nice grassy aromas                                                                    Bottle 38.00

-Jean Pernet, Champagne, France                                                                                                            Bottle 70.00